Monday, August 3, 2020

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The Government Plans to turn around the Prison Department’s enterprise directorate into a full-fledged State Corporation. The new revamped Corporation will make Prisons Department self-reliant, bolster the realization of the Big 4 Agenda Particularly Food Security, Affordable Housing and Manufacturing. Members of the Public are invited to download The Draft Legal Notice to establish the corporation and present their views through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in due course.

Even with the existence of various alternative measures, prison congestion has been a perennial problem in the Kenya’s justice system. The impact of overcrowding in the penal institutions has been found to have far reaching consequences not only on the inmates but also their families and society in general.

But the Department of Correctional Services through the Department of Probation and Aftercare Service and Prisons Services recently launched a decongestion exercise where its s estimated that 10,000 prisoners will have their sentences commuted to community service, probation or other non-custodial options through sentence review.

The Probation Department under whose supervision the released offenders will fall, has established teams countrywide which will engage stakeholders who include probation, judiciary, prisons, education and forest services among others to accomplish the exercise in a 100 days RRI initiative.

TENDER NO.SDC/01/2018-2019 For Supply And Delivery Of Prisoners’ And Trainees’ Foodstuffs.

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New tenders are being advertised for fulfillment in August 2017.

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