Monday, September 21, 2020

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A mutual cooperation following a previous engagement with Kenya’s Probation and Aftercare Service, in a feasibility study meant to promote reforms in the Kenyan Probation system in 2006 has culminated into a development project between Kenya and Sweden Correctional Services. Probation and Aftercare Service and the Kenya Prison Service in partnership with the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (SPPS) have initiated a long-term a capacity building project in Kenya with the support of Swedish International Agency (Sida). Goal of the project is the improvement of the Probation and Prison practices andenhancement of the functioning of the rule of law in the Kenyan correctional system.

A commitment has already been made by all the parties to this unprecedented project whose objectives are, to increase the use of alternatives to imprisonment to reduce prison overcrowding and; to establish a more effective and humane way of rehabilitating and supervising offenders both in confinement and in the community. To this extent, the Government of Kenya through the National Treasury and the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi signed a Grant Agreement Document endorsing the project. The project is to cost about Ksh. 368,000,000/- and is expected to steer reforms in the two departments and improve on human rights and access to justice.

Several challenges continue to impede implementation of core Probation activities among them minimal resource disbursement. This has hindered the adaption and implementation of progressive programmes and methods of probation practices in Kenya. With this renewed cooperation between Kenya and Sweden, a new hope is dawning in Kenya’s probation service. It is expected that the department will increase its technical capacity to deliver its core mandates and enhance on services to the courts and supervision and rehabilitation of offenders

The Principal Secretary, State Department of Coordination of National Government, Josephta Mukobe, is set to preside over the official launch of the project and witness the signing of the MOU by respective departments and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service on the 19th November 2015.

The Sida funded capacity improvement programme is set to run for three years with a possible renewal for two years. It is expected that utilization of non-custodial sentences by actors in the criminal justice system will be enhanced to address the perennial penal overuse and congestion challenges. This will be complemented by increased competencies among criminal justice sector staff as well as development of new tools to enable appropriate intervention at court and at supervision and rehabilitation levels.

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