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The State Department of Correctional and Rehabitation Services is domiciled in the Presidency; Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government. It is one of the two State Departments under the Ministry, the other being of State Department of Interior. It is organized into technical departments of; Kenya Prisons Service, Probation and Aftercare Services and Betting Control and Licensing Board.

The State Department bears overall policy mandate on correctional services and Gaming Industry at the National Government level. This is achieved through formulation of policies, programmes and activities which are strategic and contribute to the realization of Vision 2030. The Programmes and activities are implemented by the technical departments namely, Kenya Prison Service, Probation and Aftercare Services and Betting Control and Licensing Board.

Through the Kenya Prison Service, the State Department is charged with the responsibility of containing offenders in humane and safe conditions in order to facilitate responsive administration of justice, rehabilitation, social reintegration and community protection. There is also the treatment of young offenders in Borstal Institutions and Youth Corrective Training Centres. The State Department facilitates for accommodation for children aged four years and below accompanying their mothers to prisons.

Through Probation and Aftercare Service, the State Department is responsible for the administration of Non-Custodial sentencing options. It participates in the administration of criminal justice by providing advisory reports to courts and other penal release organs. It also supervises, rehabilitates and re-integrates offenders in the community and generates information for the discharge of administration of justice. It is also responsible for the re-integration and re-settlement of ex-offenders and further participates in the promotion of social crime prevention and victim support services.

The Constitution, under the Fourth Schedule, provides that national betting; casinos and other forms of gambling will be a function of the National Government while cultural activities, public entertainment and public amenities which include betting, casinos and other forms of gambling will be a county government function. The State Department through BCLB is therefore mandated to perform the role of controlling betting and gambling that does not relate to culture, public entertainment and the provision of public amenities.

The administration and coordination of the three technical departments and the creation of linkages with other State Departments and other arms of government at policy level is management from the Office of the Principal Secretary who is the accounting officer. This office also provides the administrative and support functions to the technical departments including Planning, Finance and Accounts, Procurement, Human Resource Management and Development. In addition, it superintends over and coordinates implementation of other crosscutting government programmes like Performance Contracting, HIV and Aids Prevention and Control and Gender mainstreaming.

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